What is Prehabilitation?


Prehabilitation refers to the physical preparation of the body in order to reduce the chance or severity of injury. It can be applied to people who are anticipating upcoming surgery or are participating in demanding physical activity.

Here at South Perth Physiotherapy, we assess posture, joint alignment, flexibility, muscle control, biomechanics, core stability and movement patterns to put together a specific ‘prehab’ program.

Prehabilitation helps you to:
achieve normal static and dynamic posture
correct muscle length imbalance, joint alignment and flexibility
improve core stability
enhance muscle endurance, strength and power
boost movement pattern efficiency; and
enhance proprioception, which is the ability for your mind to sense the position of different joints in relation to the rest of the body.

Studies have shown that ‘prehab’ can dramatically reduce post-operative complications and significantly speed up the rehabilitation process following surgery.

So don’t wait until that injury to come and see us and come and have a chat to us before that surgery!

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