Tennis injuries anyone?

Summer is serving us some injuries – here’s how we can help your tennis related aches and pains!

The Australian Open has hit town, the weather is lovely and we feel like picking up a tennis racquet to go for a hit. However, when this wonderful season rolls around, so do ankle sprains, sore hips, shoulders, knees and elbows.

How does Como Physiotherapy help you with common tennis injuries?

At Como Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are experts in managing sporting injuries. We will thoroughly assess each of our patients and hand thema detailed treatment and management plan (including home exercises and a loading strategy to manage the injury), which, in research has proven to be the most successful way to treat and manage any musculoskeletal injury.

What are these injuries you speak of?

A recent study published in May 2018 concluded that almost all (80%) of tennis injuries were related to overuse, and the remaining 20% acute injuries.

Overuse injuries occur because tennis is a sport that requires repeated movements – such as swinging, landing, jumping and sprinting.

For example, you would’ve heard of tennis elbow – this usually occurs in a bout of repetitive swinging such as in a longer game or training session than usual. This causes changes within a tendon around your elbow, that’s responsible for gripping the tennis racquet and optimising elbow and wrist position for a good swing.

People may also acquire shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff or biceps tendonopathies or shoulder bursitis and labral tears.

The acute injuries as discussed above usually occur when something is sprained, strained, or ‘pulled’. For example, when cutting across the court to change direction, one might roll their ankle. Therefore, these injuries usually have a specific mechanism and time in which you know you’ve injured yourself. Because tennis is so demanding, joint sprains and muscle strains are quite common.

How do I prevent myself from getting injured this tennis season?

So, have you read our Load and Capacity blog we posted mid-last year? It tells you something along the lines of ‘ease into it’! As mentioned above 80% of tennis injuries are overuse. If you haven’t played tennis all year, and you smash out a long game or hit… Your body is probably not going to like it. Give your body time to adapt.

Secondly – strength and condition so that you can adapt!

If you need any more advice on how to prevent tennis injuries this season, or you’re keen on a individualised injury prevention strength and conditioning program, contact one of our physiotherapists today. This can be done by calling the clinic on 93674966 or book online through Health Engine today.

Written by:

Dayna Fimmano


Injury rates in recreational tennis players. Pluim BM, Clarsen B,Verhagen E.

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