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Sometimes, life may not be just about food and travel. Lifestyle matters most. The world gets older. People become cleverer. Technology gets smarter. People become richer, and poorer. People live longer. Some die earlier. Diseases become weirder. Research areas go deeper. Somehow, time passes by faster. Often, we ask ourselves – where did yesterday go to? Such is life. One can never be too sure in today’s cliched world, where uncertainties somehow rule over positivity. For example, a simple health symptom can lead to other complicated discoveries or even that one monstrous discovery – Cancer, a simple, six letter word, no human ear would like to hear.

According to the facts and figures by Cancer Council Australia, 1 in 2 Australian Men and 1 in 3 Australian Women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. The number of new cancer cases is also set to rise by 2020. In fact, as stated on the Australian Government Cancer Australia Website,  “Despite a decline in cancer deaths and an increase in survival over time, cancer is still the second-most common cause of death in Australia—after cardiovascular diseases.”

Given the above facts, it becomes somewhat mandatory for us to have some knowledge on how to deal with cancer related situations. Cancer is not equivalent to death. Nevertheless, the bigger picture would be living with cancer and going through the post-cancer journey. How can this be made possible? Como Physiotherapy Clinic now runs a program that provides cancer patients with the option of a less lonely, more engaging road to recovery through the PINC & STEEL program. A cancer rehabilitation program run by specially trained physiotherapists, through individually prescribed sessions, focuses on patients regaining strength and mobility, is now actively available at Como Physiotherapy Clinic.

Owner of Como Physiotherapy and Certified PINC Physiotherapist, Charlene Duncan hopes to make a difference with the PINC Program at Como Physiotherapy Clinic. As a Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, Charlene helps patients at any stage of cancer or recovery through personalized pilates-based workout programs.

Charlene Duncan, Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist
Charlene Duncan, Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist

“With 1 in 3 Australians being diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, an organization like the PINC and STEEL foundation is paramount in ensuring that health services are accessible for cancer survivors. Often, we are so focused in finding a cure, that sometimes, those battling the disease are unintentionally forgotten. It is my intention for the PINC and STEEL cancer rehabilitation programs to be well recognized by referring health practitioners, so that clients can take comfort in the knowledge that an accredited physiotherapist will be there to guide them to recovery. ”

Amongst one of the first in WA to actively introduce this program, Charlene also hopes to obtain further support and funding in Western Australia. Charlene hopes to do this through various ways of fundraising, starting off with donation tins at local businesses around South Perth and Victoria Park areas, and also a ‘girls only’ movie night, all for a good cause. For expressions of interest to support PINC & STEEL, get in touch with Charlene here.

Know of someone in Perth, who needs help in regaining strength in their cancer battle? Put them in touch with Como Physiotherapy Clinic  at (08) 93674966 today! The friendly team is always ready to assist.

A little bit about the PINC & Steel Program:

P: Physiotherapists that deliver the program

I: Individualized prescribed sessions

N: Nurturing to reclaim quality of life

C: Cancer rehabilitation

STEEL: Represents the strength, courage and resolve of the men, after a cancer diagnosis

The PINC & STEEL program was founded and developed by Lou James, an experienced physiotherapist, physical trainer, pilates clinician, former NZ triathlon representative, and the founding trustee of the associated PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust in New Zealand. The program has been further developed and been made available in various parts of Australia since then, as physiotherapists are being specially trained to deliver the program.

Blog post by am-Suhaila

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