Meet our Continence and Women and Mens’ Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Louise Hug

Louise Hug


Louise graduated her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2014 from the University of Notre Dame. After completing her undergrad degree she commenced work in the musculoskeletal and rehabilitation setting. As a post-graduate Louise’s work focused on post-operative rehab and clinical work. In 2015 she completed her Cert IV in Pilates and since then has provided specialised clinical exercise programs for patients in the physiotherapy gym.

In Louise’s previous sporting life she was a dedicated full-time gymnast, and since then she has participated in netball, volleyball, swimming, pilates and xtend barre. She believes these experiences have given her a better understanding of injury management and prevention. This drives her to assist others with their return to sport not only post injury but also other life events such as vaginal delivery and surgeries such as caesarean section, gynaecological, breast and orthopaedic.

After falling pregnant and having her baby girl in 2017, Louise developed a special interest in Women’s Health. After this she completed a number of courses upskilling in Women’s and Men’s incontinence, Ano-Rectal Dysfunction, E-stim for pelvic floor dysfunction and Real-Time Ultrasound of Bladder and Pelvic Floor. Louise is returning to work after having her second child and is partway through completion of her Clinical Masters in Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health and Incontinence.

Louise is proficient in treating:

Mastitis, nipple pain and breast-feeding posture
Pelvic floor issues related to pregnancy and postpartum
Perineal tears and trauma
Rectus Abdominus Diastasis
Return to exercise post-partum
Urinary Incontinence and pelvic issues seen in perimenopause
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Vulvodynia and Vestibulodynia
Vaginissmus and Dyspareunia
Pelvic pain in Endometriosis and Bladder Pain Syndrome
Bowel advice for Chronic Constipation
Pelvic floor muscle pre-hab and advice pre-prostatectomy
Post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence

Other qualifications:

Dry Needling (acupuncture)
Sports taping
Sports Level 1 Physiotherapy Management

Louise is driven to assist others with their return to sport.

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