Meet our Principal Physiotherapist and Co-Director Lauren May

Lauren May

Physiotherapist & Co-Director

Lauren completed her Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology) at UWA prior to completing a Masters of Physiotherapy at Curtin University and is the Managing Director/Owner of South Perth Physiotherapy.

Lauren has had extensive experience in private practice settings in both Australia and Canada and worked in a FIFO Physiotherapy role, offering Physiotherapy and Occupational Health and Safety services throughout the Pilbara, before embarking on South Perth Physiotherapy. Lauren still continues to treat many FIFO workers of all professions in the South Perth clinic.

Lauren specialises in and has a keen clinical interest in chronic pain, cervicogenic (neck related) headaches, postural and spinal pain, acupuncture, the use of real time ultrasound imaging for back pain and clinical exercise based rehabilitation. She also has a keen interest in sports, having been a physiotherapist for West Perth WAFL, Arena Joondalup Swim Club and Touch Rugby State Championships.

Lauren particularly enjoys treating jaw pain (TMJ). Dentists have suggested that teeth grinding has surged over the last couple of years and an increase in anxiety has lead to an increase in headaches and jaw pain. Lauren likes to discuss such topics as mindfulness, yoga, trying to separate patient’s workspaces from their relaxation space and exercise to address these issues.

Lauren has undertaken training to become a qualified CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) practitioner in order to understand the beliefs and emotions patients have around their pain and dysfunction. Lauren believes that it is vital for every patient to play an active part in their recovery and this inevitably leads to a huge sense of empowerment.

Lauren is also a Mental Health First Aid trained practitioner and has a keen interest in how mental health and trauma impacts the physical body.

Lauren runs the Over 55s Strength and Conditioning classes and has extensive experience in Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation and Pilates.

Lauren’s main priority is to help her patients break down the roadblocks that are stopping them getting back to what they physically desire!

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