Meet our Senior Physiotherapist and Co-Director Julian Bowen

Julian Bowen

Senior Physiotherapist and Co-Director

Julian is the other owner of South Perth Physiotherapy. Julian completed his Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University in 2004, and since then has worked exclusively in private practice in the Perth area. Over the years Julian has worked with numerous and diverse groups and clients; including paralympians, elite swimmers, triathletes, WAFL footballers and state and national volleyballers. He has also treated thousands of everyday clients with any manner of different problems.

Julian’s work over the years has given him a vast experience with a wide variety of conditions and types of patients. He is a highly knowledgeable and experienced clinician, and estimates having completed over 40,000 individual treatments in his career to date. Julian has a passion for injury prevention, particularly in junior athletes, and has a strong belief in exercise rehabilitation. He offers exceptional manual therapy skills and a keen eye for diagnosis. Julian strongly believes that every client is different, and identifying the underlying cause of the problem as well as treating the symptoms leads to the best outcomes for his patients. His particular areas of clinical interest include sporting injuries, headaches, exercise rehabilitation, ergonomic and postural disorders, shoulder pain and hypermobility disorders. Julian is also an accredited Strength and Conditioning coach.

Nowadays, Julian spends most of his time on management and mentoring. But he still will provide second opinion consultations or consultation on complex cases, and leave relief. Outside of physiotherapy practice, Julian is a former elite beach volleyball athlete, and still enjoys a hit on the sand when he gets time. He is also kept busy looking after his young twins.

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