Meet our Pilates Instructor Jasmin Pierruci

Jasmin Pierruci

Pilates Instructor

Jasmin holds a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science), Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher, and Personal Trainer certifications, with more than 15 years’ experience in teaching Pilates and fitness. Having specialised in Pilates, Jasmin has attended further education courses and workshops around the world, providing her knowledge to work with a variety of clients including pre / post-natal, special populations, children, and older adults.

Originally from Perth, she has spent the last 10 years’ working at prestigious international fitness facilities in Bali, Qatar, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. In these locations Jasmin worked to build market traction and community awareness around Pilates.

In Bali she developed and led the Pilates program for a brand new state of the art wellness facility. In Qatar she trained an esteemed clientele, managed a large fitness team, and developed the premiere stand-alone Pilates studio in the country. In Thailand she was head of the fitness and leisure department at a highly-awarded wellness resort and designed and created their dedicated Pilates studio and Pilates focussed wellness program. In Saudi Arabia she trained prominent clients at one of the most reputable and distinguished Pilates studios in the country.

Having worked with a broad spectrum of clients with varying needs and abilities, Jasmin specialises in finding movement options and modifications suited for the individual to ensure an effective session. Her sessions focus on creating ease of movement, joint stability, and incorporating active breathing. She teaches in a supportive and engaging manner with an emphasis on safe movements tailored to the individual.

Jasmin's sessions focus on creating ease of movement, joint stability, and incorporating active breathing.

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