Como Physiotherapy welcomes 2017 with STEEL!

Happy 2017 to all of our loyal followers and clients! We hope that this year is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for all of you. While we are making (and hopefully sticking to!) our New Year’s resolutions, let’s bear in mind those men and women in our community who are battling cancer or may be diagnosed in recent times.

Often we may hear patients say,

“If only I went to the doctor earlier……”

“If only, I used sunscreen………”

“If only I had stopped smoking…….”

Well, let’s remember that many cancers are preventable. Think about the lifestyle choices we can make to help reduce our chances of being diagnosed with this disease. Did you know that men are more likely to be diagnosed with later stage cancer than women?


The STEEL Program offered at Perth Cancer Care is designed specifically for men who have been diagnosed with Cancer. STEEL represents the strength, courage and resolves we see in men after a cancer diagnosis and our aim is to assist at every stage of a man’s cancer journey; to maintain and improve quality of life.

Como Physiotherapy and Perth Cancer Care now have STEEL Certified Physiotherapists who are trained to assist in all aspects of cancer treatment and recovery. We understand that men and women have different needs when it comes to physical and emotional rehabilitation. Each person is assessed individually. Then, an exercise program is developed specifically for them at each respective stage of treatment or recovery they are in. Each person reacts differently to a diagnosis and treatment, hence, our certified physiotherapists look at each person as an individual who has specific needs.

It may be difficult for a cancer patient to take the first step, so if you do know of someone who may benefit from our services, please encourage them to get in touch with us today! Exercise is important and has been shown to improve fatigue, side effects, and quality of life in cancer patients. 

For more information on the internationally recognised STEEL Program for men, please visit or

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