Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation in South Perth or Como

Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation is our flagship exercise and rehabilitation service.

What we once referred to as “Clinical Pilates” is in fact a highly individualised, evidence-based exercise rehabilitation service, comprising so many different forms of exercise – from Pilates and yoga, tai chi, functional movement, strength and conditioning, traditional bodybuilding, sports-specific training, neuromuscular training techniques, Feldenkrais and many more.

Clinical exercise rehabilitation is all about ensuring you reach your goals, and stay there. It’s about avoiding recurrence, building resilience and conditioning. Making your body better so you won’t have ongoing pain or injuries. It is about correcting mal-adaptive movement and posture strategies, and it is about retraining your body to move better, more efficiently and without fear of pain.

The key is in identifying your specific issues, and ensuring you are working on the correct types of movements and exercises to accurately address these issues and move past them.

Our physiotherapists are experts in pain and movement, and provide individualised programming to address your specific goals and limitations.

Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation is about making your body better so you won’t have ongoing pain or injuries

How Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation works:

All clients start with a comprehensive assessment, which includes understanding your specific problems and goals, and a full body assessment to identify all the limiting factors and issues holding you back. Following your assessment, we will be able to arrange a clinical exercise rehabilitation session that suits your schedule.

Our clinical exercises rehabilitation services can be provided 1 on 1, or in a semi-private session with up to 3 or 4 people in the studio at the same time. Each participant performs their own individualised, targeted and evidence-based on the findings and goals from their assessment. Participants are fully supervised and directed by the physiotherapist during the whole session. Research has shown us – the more closely supervised an individual is, the better the results.

These sessions are 55 minutes in length.

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