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Targeted, appropriate exercise is one of the most evidence-based and effective tools a physiotherapist has. Exercise can reduce pain, build tolerance to activity, build resilience, strength and endurance, improve balance and flexibility, prevent falls, increase bone density, help with mental health issues, and much more.

Exercise also can literally change your tissues (not just your muscles, but your tendons, ligaments and bones), and your brain for the better.

Many times, getting out of pain, and restoring an injury isn’t the whole journey. Pain and injury can leave you deconditioned, have altered or mal-adaptive movement patterns, and sensitivity with your tissues post injury. This unfortunately can make you prone to recurrence and reinjury. Rebuilding strength, conditioning and resilience, and retraining posture and movement patterns is often the difference between an “OK” result and a full recovery.

Because we believe so strongly in the power of exercise to help our clients fix their problems and achieve their goals, at South Perth Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of exercise services to help you get your body doing what you love without pain.

We offer:

  • Highly individualised rehabilitation and exercise services
  • Cancer rehabilitation services
  • Mat pilates classes
  • Studio/reformer Pilates classes
  • Over 55’s exercise classes
  • Mat and group based exercise classes
  • Men’s strength circuit classes
  • Hydrotherapy

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