Bending Over Backwards!

Is it safe to bend your back? Is it safe to use your back to lift? Should you keep your back straight and not bend at all?

Yes, Yes and No.

A lot of the time we get asked, is it safe to bend your back and use it to help your lifting? The answer is yes, and these are the important reasons why. The back is a resilient and extremely strong structure, consisting of your joints, muscles, ligaments, discs and other tissues which can withstand and tolerate large loads to allow us to lift, walk, run, jog, sit, eat and move! Your back is made to bend, twist, stretch and wiggle, and it safe to do so. The body is an amazing thing and allows us to do these things safely. However, as we know, back pain is quite common and most people have had some experience with it in their lifetime. This blog won’t go into too much detail about back pain but instead outline a few things to consider to keep your back moving, flexible and strong.

1. BEND!
Move your back, bend, twist, stretch and use it to your full advantage. Keeping your back moving is the best thing you can do. Bending your back does not do any damage! An exception to this would be in the case of an injury, however that doesn’t mean staying as straight as you can and not moving at all. We encourage people to remain moving even with an injury rather in a gradual and safe way.

2. Know your body’s limitations
It is absolutely safe to lift, bend and twist. However you need to know your own physical capacity and it should be done in a safe manner. It is fine to bend over and pick up your shoes, lift a box and reach overhead. But unless you feel confident and have the ability, don’t go lifting 50kg and twist suddenly as this is where people start to get issues.

3. Exercise keeps your back healthy
You have probably heard this a hundred times. But it is true and the best thing we have got. Exercise is the key to keeping yourself healthy. This also includes a warm-up before you use your back! So before you go lifting heavy items, stretch your back and get it used to the movement beforehand.

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