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The staff at South Perth Physiotherapy focus on physiotherapy, targeted exercise, rehabilitation, and our Pilates services; our goal is to help you achieve your goals.
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Our Services

Our purpose is to get you out of pain, moving better and living your best life possible. To do that we combine expert physiotherapy care, with a range of exercise and other services to be able to provide you a long term solution to your problems.

Our clinicians have over 60 years combined experience in diagnosing and treating all manner of people and problems.
Our Team

The South Perth Physiotherapy team have over 60 years combined experience, so we know what it takes to get you from “ow” to “wow”. Below are just a few of our experienced practitioners.

Our experience ranges from elite athletes to the elderly and everyone in between.
Our Classes

We believe so strongly in the power of exercise to help our clients fix their problems and achieve their goals, at South Perth Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of exercise services to help you get your body doing what you love without pain.

Targeted, appropriate exercise is one of the most evidence-based and effective tools a physiotherapist has.
Latest Posts

South Perth Physiotherapy is passionate about equipping all of our clients with a range of rich resources. Below are a few of our latest posts.

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