Paul Spiccia the principal podiatrist at “Footworx Sports & General Podiatry” graduated from “Curtin University” has over 16 years of valuable experience in podiatric practice. He has worked in some of the most highly respected and specialised clinics here in WA and the New South Wales. During this time he has worked alongside private practitioners, foot and ankle surgeons and professional sports podiatrists.

Paul spent 3 years at “University of New South Wales” (UNSW) specialising in biomechanics and lower limb sports injuries to many of the athletes at the University

Paul takes pride in assisting every patient by providing the best possible care. He has extensive experience in all aspects of podiatry, however he has developed areas of expertise in the fields of orthotic therapy, sporting injuries, forefoot pain, children’s development, chronic heel pain and the management of ingrown toenails.

Paul has a high level of training in lower limb analysis and biomechanics (movement and function). These skills enable him to prescribe custom made foot orthotics which are both comfortable and effective. He also successfully uses modalities such as strapping, massage, stretching, diagnostic injections and joint mobilisation to improve the foot health of his patients.

Paul is available for consultation during the week as well as Saturday mornings.

Services Offered:

Sports Podiatry: Biomechanical Gait Analysis, Lower Limb Sports Injuries, Orthotic Therapy, Footwear Advice, Flat Feet, Heel Pain Knee Pain
General Foot Care: Ingrown Toenails, Corns, Callus,Warts, Fungal Nails
Diabetic Foot Assessment.
Peadiatric Foot conditions, child development issues