Pilates is an exercise and fitness system originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. It was originally designed to improve the rehabilitation of casualties during WWI by helping them regain strength, flexibility and key stabilising muscle function.

Pilates builds strength, muscular endurance and flexibility with a focus on movement control, correct breathing and mindfulness of movement. It is a total body conditioning system with the goal of mastery of movement and total movement proficiency.

At South Perth Physiotherapy, we offer:

Clinical Pilates – utilising machines, with a physiotherapist.
Studio Pilates – utilising machines, with a pilates instructor.
Mat Pilates – on a mat, with a pilates instructor.

Read on below to learn more about each type of Pilates:


Clinical Pilates

Services_Clinical_PilatesClinical Pilates is the integration of modern best practice physiotherapy and rehabilitation science within the traditional Pilates framework of exercise. All Clinical Pilates sessions are run by qualified physiotherapists with additional training and experience in Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates is a complete rehabilitation and conditioning solution comprising traditional Pilates with Functional Strength and Conditioning, traditional strengthening and mobility exercise. It is a favoured rehabilitation system following injury, but also is highly beneficial for athletes to address weaknesses and improve movement control to reduce the risk of injury.

All participants to Clinical Pilates must first undergo a comprehensive Pilates Assessment. This is a complete musculoskeletal assessment, assessing your mobility, strength, functional movement, posture and flexibility. We take you short, medium and long term goals into consideration in these assessments. Following your assessment, you are advised to attend a class that suits your schedule.

Clinical Pilates sessions have a maximum of three participants in the session. One on one sessions are also available. Each participant performs their own individualised exercise and rehabilitation program based on the findings and goals from their assessment. Participants are fully supervised and directed by the physiotherapist during the entire session.

Classes are 55 minutes in length.

Timetable correct at 16/06/16. Subject to change

Timetable correct at 16/06/16. Subject to change

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates sessions utilise the Pilates equipment, and are supervised by our highly experienced and qualified Pilates instructors. With more of a conditioning and exercise focus, than a rehabilitation focus – Studio Pilates is excellent if you want close coaching and supervision with individualised programming. After a course of Clinical Pilates, many clients will move on to studio Pilates for maintenance and ongoing conditioning.

With a maximum of three participants in a class, you are provided with individualised Pilates exercise programming and close supervision. Each session is 1 hour in duration.

Bookings are essential.

Casual session – $35
Block of 10 sessions – $315 (buy 10 get 1 free)

See below for current timetable.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates sessions are conducted on the mat, and use your own body weight and small Pilates apparatus for resistance. Run by our experienced and fully qualified Pilates instructors, we keep class numbers to a maximum of eight in a class, ensuring appropriate supervision of all exercises.

Mat work is suitable to all ages and fitness levels, and our instructors are able to tailor any exercises to suit all ability levels. Mat Pilates is suitable for general exercise and conditioning. If you have any physiotherapy issues that need addressing, then Clinical Pilates or Studio Pilates may be more appropriate. Be sure to ask our physiotherapists which pilates would be best for you.

Mat Pilates has numerous benefits including:
– Improved flexibility and posture
– Improved strength from your ‘core’ including pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles
– Better balance, coordination and body awareness
– Long, lean overall muscle tone

Spaces are limited to eight per class, and bookings are essential.

Casual – $20
10 session pass – $180 (buy 10 get 1 free)

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