Exercise Rehabilitation

Services_Exercise-Rehab With any injury it is imperative to ask: Why did it occur? At the same time it is critical to return to full strength and function after an injury or surgery to prevent re-injury. At South Perth Physiotherapy we will work with you to understand your injury or your surgery and we will structure an individualised rehabilitation program specifically for YOU to carry out at your gym, at home or at the clinic. We believe that optimising your functional strength and conditioning is critical to restoring full function and for 100% recovery. As part of your treatment, it is likely that some from of exercise rehabilitation will be recommended to assist with your recovery. South Perth Physiotherapy have also partnered with Mr Matt Gooch (Human Movement, Bachelor of Physical and Health Education UWA), director of Fit2Be Personal Training. Matt and his team operate the downstairs gym and take individuals, doubles and group fitness classes. Gym based programs are suitable for many reasons, including:

  • Sports injuries and surgery
  • Work related injuries
  • Recovery from joint replacement surgery
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Toning and building muscle
  • Weight loss
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